In consideration of the opportunity to participate in Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas, Inc., aka The Senior Source's Diamond Dance-Off, I hereby release and hold The Senior Source, its officers, agents (including volunteers), and employees, harmless from any liability or cause of action that may arise from any injury to me or property loss or damage while I am engaged in any activity related to the Diamond Dance-Off.


While participating in the above activity, I hereby authorize The Senior Source to release photographs and videos of the activity for promotional and fundraising purposes. I understand that I may or may not be included in such photographs and videos.


I also agree to hold harmless The Senior Source, its agents and employees from any and all claims and demands which might arise out of such actions.


By clicking “I agree” I am consenting that I am also acknowledging that The Senior Source is not responsible for any potential exposure to COVID-19. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, and I am voluntarily choosing to participate in the Diamond Dance-Off at this time.


I hereby voluntarily agree to these to these terms.