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The Diamond Dance-Off

The Senior Source is celebrating 60 YEARS of being the Dallas area's #1 resource for championing older adults! To celebrate six decades of shining efforts and brilliant influence with seniors, all of Dallas is invited to be a part of The Senior Source's 60th birthday bash - The Diamond Dance-Off!

It's a virtual dance competition that spotlights and honors the true diamonds of our society. Just like diamonds, our older adults are valuable, resilient, multifaceted and strong, and they deserve a spotlight that showcases their shine. Learn more about the competition HERE.

#ShineOn, Dallas! And join us for our in-person finale on June 22, 2021!


Grandma can't dance!

Sydney Portilla-Diggs

1579 537

Groovin Grammy & Her Girls

Susan Kindred

461 34

You’re Still the One

Larry Helm

3670 2830

Akram Tahat


418 464

YaYa and The Bois

Patsy Breckenridge

635 240

Texas Cool Line Dancers #2

Vicki Woodlee

4783 7734

Competition Bracket